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Video Editing Charges in India : Explore The Rate List

We’re now in a time when kids with their laptops (or smartphones) can rightly call themselves video editors. They can edit films in their bedrooms and post them to YouTube in an afternoon. And video content is used for a vast array of applications.  

Nevertheless, video editing is a most demanding creative career in today’s time and age. In this blog we will talk about different video editing services and its charges.   

Multiple factors, including the kind of project, its size, and the editor’s experience, might affect the price of video editing in India. 

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Video Editing Charges in India

It is very important to understand that video editing charges differ from factor to factor. Whether you are a client looking for a professional editor or a video editor looking for new projects. Rates for video editing generally starts at INR 3,500 and goes up to INR 10,500 per hour depending on the experience level, level of project and the nature of work.  

What is Video Editing? 

Video editing is a post-production process involving: 

  • Compiling footage 
  • Adding audio to video 
  • Clipping, arranging, and organizing videos for a cohesive narrative 
  • Creating a rough video cut 
  • Incorporating client feedback for the final cut 
  • Factors Influencing Video Editing Cost in India 

Factors That Affect Video Editing Charges In India

Permanent or Freelance: 

Video editors are employed on a salary basis by companies. The salary ranges around INR 4 Lakh-8 Lakh depending on the work experience. 

₹1,500–₹3,500 per hour for beginners 

Advanced and Intermediate: ₹3,500–₹7,500 per hour 

Expert Copywriters: ₹5,000–₹10,500 per hr 

Pay Type: Independent contractors have the option to bill on an hourly, daily, or set project basis. In India, the average hourly rate for independent video editors is approximately ₹2,800, with a range of ₹1,800 to ₹4,000. 

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Even a novice editor might have talent, but most clients want to see recommendations and prior client work. It’s difficult to defend a higher pay rate in the absence of these. Video editors with less experience might work for clients who have fewer budgets and projects, including short YouTube videos. 

Experienced editors typically possess more sophisticated abilities and command greater fees. Those in need of more thorough video editing should seek for editors with a large clientele and a reputable body of work on their portfolio. 


The ability to take unprocessed video and turn it into a fantastic final product is what separates a decent editor from a great editor. A competent editor knows that timing is everything, whether they are working on a funny advertising or an emotional piece. Clients should seek for editors whose work fits their needs to get the finest final output. Seek out an editor with a lot of experience editing animated videos, for instance, if your project calls for animation editing. 

Size and type of project 

For a video editor, it’s a pain to go through 20 hours of video and edit it into a 20-minute video to deliver the final product. Hence the project size determines the pay scale. Rates are influenced by editorial experience. While seasoned experts might demand higher prices (INR 3,500–INR 7,000 per hour), beginners may ask lesser rates (INR 1,500–INR 3,000 per hour). 

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Different projects have different Video Editing rates in India: 

Basic Video Editing: 

Trimming, chopping, and arranging clips to form a logical sequence are basic responsibilities in basic video editing. Simple projects like vlogs, rudimentary tutorials, or social media content are appropriate for this kind of editing.  

Charges: INR 500- INR 5000 per hour (Varies according to the needs, experience and requirements) 

Professional Video Editing: 

Professional video editing services are very important for bigger projects and brands including corporate videos, documentaries and short films. Editors here contribute with their experience in colour correction, motion graphics, audio enhancement and special effects. 

Charges: INR 5000-INR 20000 per hour (Varies according to the needs, experience and requirements) 

Wedding Video Editing: 

The ability to capture and edit the priceless moments of a couple’s special day is the expertise of wedding video editing. This type of editing combines storyline, color grading, and music integration to create a dramatic wedding film. 

Charges: INR 10000-INR 50000 per hour (according to the needs, experience and requirements) 

Commercial Video Editing: 

Videos are frequently needed by businesses for corporate presentations, ads, and promotional campaigns. Editing commercial videos entails modifying the images to successfully communicate a certain marketing message. 

Charges: INR 15000-INR 50000 per hour (according to the needs, experience and requirements) 

Advanced Video Editing: 

Advanced video editing is needed for high-end, big budget projects. Here you will work on films, music videos or some complex visual effects. You must be well-versed with the technology for this type of editing. 

Charges: INR 20000-INR 100000 per hour (Depends according to the needs, experience and requirements) 

Make sure you understand payment options, what’s included in the rate, and anticipated timeframes when talking about a video editing assignment in India. A good and fruitful relationship between editor and client depends on this communication. You can register on Diffr.co or download the Diffr app to get top video editing jobs according to your experience level.  

Please note that the above rates are illustrative and may vary based on specific circumstances and negotiations between the client and the video editor in India. 

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