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Scope of Graphic Designing : Career, Skills and Salary in India

scope of graphic designer

Scope of Graphic Designing in India

In today’s fast-paced world, where people have shorter attention spans, graphic design has become a crucial element in the branding and marketing efforts of businesses in India. Brands rely on eye-catching graphics to leave a memorable impact, making graphic designers essential to this creative process.

India is a land of creativity. The world has always admired the brilliant minds and creative individuals of India. Even now, there are a ton of opportunities in India and abroad for those working in creative fields like graphic design. According to recent data, forty percent of company enterprises use visual communication while communicating with their clients. A typical consumer chooses a product mostly based on its design. For this reason, people in the field of graphic design must acquire knowledge of current trends and techniques.

How to Build a Strong Foundation for a Graphic Designing Career?

The main goal of graphic design is to visually communicate your thoughts. Since everyone is constantly exposed to visual cues, advertisements, and images in this day and age, the most effective visual communication is the one that sticks with the viewer and has the longest recall value. To ensure that, one needs to be knowledgeable in the principles of graphic design or have a strong foundation. 

1. Education for Graphic Design Career

The exposure and training offered by a design college should not be disregarded, even though a degree is not always necessary to become a designer. No matter how intelligent a student is, having stalwarts as mentors may help them realize their greatest potential.  

A Bachelor of Graphic Design scope degree from a reputable institute is a valuable addition to one’s résumé, but no design degree can teach a student to be creative but only show them the direction.

2. Theory knowledge about Graphic Design

Graphic design encompasses more than just combining two images and a quirky typeface. They must be experts at hierarchy, visual organization, space, layouts, and the use of suitable typography. Graphic designers should not only consider the obvious elements but also take into account the white space available. Along with that, one can never forget the importance of colors and the impact they have on people.  

3. Knowledge of The Various Mediums (Tools and Software’s)

In order to realise one’s ideas and designs, it is vital to be proficient in the various mediums available to do so. These mediums come in the form of various types of papers and software. 

Knowing the sizes, qualities, and forms of paper is of utmost importance as much of the graphic work is translated into a printed form. To accomplish this, it is also necessary to have a solid command of the software programs used to create the designs, which typically take months to master. 

Why Are Graphic Design Courses Important for Career?

The program’s goal is to give students a variety of skills so they can use graphic design to solve problems. Students studying this graphic design course are encouraged to work on a range of projects; through these, they gain a holistic view of various subdomains of graphic design scope in India

These include information and communication systems for both digital and analog media, typography and type design, publication design, illustration, photography, packaging, print design, corporate identity, and branding

A student gains a solid foundation in both the theoretical and practical components of design, as well as knowledge of the environments in which designers must operate as well as the influence of ethical and societal norms on design choices.  Read blog Richest Actor In India

Important Skills to get a job in Graphic Designing

Companies need graphic designers to possess a range of skills to hire them. Numerous areas demand the following skills for graphic design careers.




Widely used software in graphic design for photo editing and manipulation.


Essential for the illustrator job profile, used for creating vector graphics and illustrations.

Corel Draw

Offers a versatile platform for creating vector graphics, illustrations, and layouts, enhancing design capabilities.

Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)

Industry-standard tools for photo editing, vector graphics creation, and layout design.

UI/UX Design Knowledge

Crucial for creating user-friendly and visually appealing digital interfaces, enhancing user experience and satisfaction.

Additional Soft Skills for Graphic Designers 

In India, a career in graphic design requires a variety of skills that go beyond just knowing how to use design software. A skilled graphic designer not only understands the technical aspects but is also creative and good at communicating ideas effectively.

Skills that make an expert graphic designer

  • Creativity
  • Time Management
  • Adaptive Learning
  • Team player
  • Problem-Solving 

Best Career Options for Graphic Designers in India

With the rise in demand for graphic designers, there is a plethora of opportunities and job scope for students. The following are some of the job profiles and job scopes in graphic design one can pursue after their graphic design courses in India: 

List of Graphic Designing Career Opportunities in India

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  • Graphic Designer             
  • Web Designers 
  • Design Illustrators           
  • Brand Designer 
  • Experience Designer       
  • Strategy Designer 
  • Design Researcher
  • Systems Designer
  • Brand Manager 
  • Social Designer                 
  • Chief Creative Officer                         

Top Demanding Career Opportunity in Graphic Designing India

Graphic Designer: Customers are inspired, educated, and fascinated by the visual concepts created by graphic designers using computer tools. They design and lay up the general look of applications like advertisements, brochures, and periodicals. Most of the visual elements that we encounter on a daily basis are the result of graphic design. Knowing the responsibilities and obligations of a graphic designer will help you choose if this is the perfect career path for you.

Web Designer: An IT specialist called a web designer is responsible for creating the structure, appearance, and usability of a website. Technical expertise and creative graphic design abilities are essential for a competent site designer. Web designers use their creative and software engineering/programming skills to design, develop, and enhance websites.

Creative Director: A creative director usually plans and directs a project from the beginning. They developed the design philosophy, form principles, and cast design. Creative directors made a lot of the advertisements, magazines, movie sets, and video games that people see every day. Though these two roles manage different aspects of a creative project, they often work in tandem with art directors.

Art Director: Leading their staff and enhancing the projects’ aesthetics are the responsibilities of art directors. An art director is someone who is responsible for developing and maintaining a creative vision that engages the reader, viewer, or user. To do this, they manage groups of designers who handle creative projects including marketing, graphic design, and advertising for movies and television.

Animator: An animator’s job is to produce several images, or frames, to provide the impression of motion. The film and television industries frequently need this kind of work. The animator is in charge of interpreting screenplays and narratives. Additionally, he creates slideshows with incomplete drawings for clients or consumers who are creating storyboards for the initial phases of development.

Illustrator: The illustrator’s job is to translate the written word into a visual representation. The illustrator job profile is frequently seen in publications like eBooks, magazines, and newspapers.An eye for visually attractive images and a strong foundation in the arts are characteristics of a good illustrator. Their responsibility is creating a picture that aligns with the client’s tastes and the desired outcome.

Product Designer: Product designers often follow instructions and are responsible for the user experience of a product. A product designer creates designs that will sell in order to improve the usability of already-existing products. Often, they identify an issue or user demand, investigate workable solutions, test concepts, and evaluate the results of their design and implementation to wrap up their development process.

How to Display Your Graphic Designing Work

A portfolio is a representation of oneself. It is the first thing that people will see about you even before they meet you, so taking the time to create a portfolio that represents you is crucial. 

Working on each of your design assignments with the same passion as a professional project is the best way to construct a great portfolio. Once you complete your degree, you will have projects that are ready for the industry. Having said that, internship-related work is a valuable complement to the portfolio.  

You can visit diffr.co and create your own unique, shareable portfolio. Making portfolio on diffr.co is also beneficial for the graphic design job scope of your graphic design job scope, as it will help you reach more employers and let you connect with top graphic design companies across India 

Scope of Graphic Designing Jobs in India – Most Demanding Industries

The scope of graphic designing jobs in India is vast and growing as well, Requirements of graphic designers is in every field because of digital media. A graphic design field is the best option to create a future in this. Every industry requires a team of the best graphic designers.

The demand for graphic design jobs in India increased in various industries. Here are five key industries that consistently provide the best opportunities for graphic designers:


Description (Demand)

Advertising and Marketing

Require creative professionals to develop visually appealing campaigns, advertisements, and promotional materials for clients.

IT and Web Development

Regularly hires graphic designers. These professionals contribute to website design, user interface (UI) design, and overall visual elements of digital products.


Required graphic designers for creating compelling product images, website banners, and promotional materials.

Media and Entertainment

Opportunities for graphic designers. They are involved in creating promotional materials, movie posters, digital graphics, and more.

Publishing and Print Media

Graphic designers contribute to layout design, illustrations, cover designs, and other visual elements in printed publications.

Average Salary of a Graphic Designer in India

The pay for a graphic designer varies according to the industry they work in. For graphic designers, the highest-paying sector is media and entertainment. Below is a breakdown of average graphic designer salaries by industry:


Average Salary (LPA)

Salary Range (INR)

IT Services and Consulting


1.1L – 7L

Media, Entertainment, and Publishing

2.9 LPA

1.1L – 5.9L


3.3 LPA

1.1L – 8.2L

Advertising, Public Relations, and Events

2.2 LPA

1.2L – 3.2L



1L – 9L

Top Indian Cities to get best-Paying Jobs in Graphic Designing 

The salary of graphic design positions varies per Indian city. Those with a diploma in graphic design usually make more money in larger cities like Bangalore and Delhi than in smaller ones. In large cities like Hyderabad, Delhi, and Mumbai, the average yearly salary for a graphic designer is almost the same. On the other hand, Bangalore has the highest average yearly compensation for graphic designers.

The table below displays the average annual salary for graphic design positions in various cities across the country.


Average Pay


INR 3,11,000


INR 3,53,000


INR 3,05,000


INR 2,99,000


INR 3,13,000

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FAQ's (Frequently asked questions and answers)

The need for graphic designers is there, yes. There are numerous job options in graphic design, and in the upcoming years, there will be an increasing need for qualified graphic designers.

AI is not very good at solving creative problems or connecting with and understanding the demands of its clients, which are important qualities for graphic designers. 

Graphic designers usually don’t need to know how to code; however, in some positions, it might be useful. For instance, some graphic designers might style and produce online pages or interactive content using HTML or CSS. 

Depending on your education path and experience, becoming a graphic designer might take a variety of timeframes. Depending on the school, some people may pursue a formal degree in graphic design, which might take 2-4 years. Others might pick up knowledge through lengthy online courses or on the job. Training and practice over several years are generally necessary to develop the skills necessary for a successful career in graphic design.

An average graphic designer in India makes INR 299 per hour or INR 6.2 LPA. The average yearly salary for a graphic designer is INR 4.5 lakh to INR 7.5 lakh. A bachelor’s degree is usually the greatest level of education for graphic designers.

The scope of graphic designing is increasing with time and also in the future. The best field to build a career in the future will increase.

Yes! One of the best career options in India.

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