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Stage India

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Our involvement in a thrilling collaboration with ‘Stage India,’ the premier photography event in Central India, marked a significant milestone as we proudly assumed the role of their Community Partner. This partnership proved to be an exceptional fusion of creativity and community engagement, offering an extraordinary experience for all involved.

As the designated Community Partner, we were afforded the privilege of full immersion in the vibrant world of photography alongside some of the region’s most talented individuals and ardent enthusiasts. Throughout the event, esteemed guests such as Rafique Sayed, Ashish Sulkh, and Vinay Kumar enriched the experience by conducting masterclasses and workshops, sharing their invaluable expertise and insights with attendees. Their contributions further elevated the event, making it a truly enriching and unforgettable experience for all participants.

Guest Speakers

Rafique Sayed

Ashish Sulkh

Vinay Kumar



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