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Diffr organised its first Open Mic event at Comedy Cottage in Indore. Artists from various backgrounds, including stand-up comedy, poetry, storytelling, and singing, came together to deliver a fantastic evening of entertainment. Laughter, emotion, and great performances filled the cozy atmosphere of Comedy Cottage, making it a night to remember for everyone who attended.

The event at Comedy Cottage was a hit, with performers leaving a lasting impression on the audience. From hilarious jokes that had everyone in stitches to heartfelt poetry that touched the soul, each act brought something special to the table. The diverse range of talent on display truly made for an unforgettable evening, reinforcing Diffr’s reputation as a hub for creativity and entertainment in Indore. Keep an eye out for upcoming events, where you can experience more memorable performances from talented artists across different genres. Stay tuned for future events where you can catch more talented artists showcasing their skills! 



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