Kalastambh - Madhya Pradesh Art Festival

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Kalastambh – Madhya Pradesh Art Festival

Kalastambh and Diffr collaborated to organize the Madhya Pradesh Art Festival 2.0, held from January 13th to 15th, 2024, at Gandhi Hall in Indore. The festival, held at this iconic venue, not only celebrated art and culture but also attempted to set a world record.

MPAF 2.0 provided a unique experience, featuring top artists and offering attendees insights into the dynamic world of artistic creation. The festival served as a hub for creative minds to come together, fostering collaboration and inspiration.

The event showcased over 15 cultural activities, allowing artists to display their talents and engage with one another. This diverse range of activities created a sense of community and collaboration among participants.

Diffr played a significant role in enhancing the vibrancy of the Madhya Pradesh Art Festival, bringing a unique perspective and contributing to the diversity of artistic expressions showcased at the event through Diffr Open Mic.



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