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Picture Perfect Indore : Best Location's for Photoshoot in Indore

Photoshoot Indore

Welcome to Indore, a city that effortlessly combines history and nature, creating ideal settings for outdoor photoshoots places in Indore. From the historical Rajwada Palace to the tranquil Khan Riverbanks from Jam Gate to Gulawat Lotus Valley, Indore offers diverse locations for capturing timeless moments. 

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the top outdoor photoshoot places in Indore and provide insights into pricing. Whether you’re a professional photographer expanding your portfolio or a couple planning a pre-wedding shoot, we’ve got you covered. Discover the picturesque landscapes of Indore, where each click narrates a unique story without breaking the bank.  

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Here’s the list of some of the best outdoor photoshoot locations in and around Indore:  

Rajwada Palace: Where Heritage Meets Elegance  

Rajwada Palace Indore : Photoshot Place in Indore

With its regal grandeur and historical significance, the famous Rajwada Palace makes a stunning backdrop for a photo shoot. The combination of the elaborate carvings and the colorful surroundings produces an enduring background. 

Cost: The palace entrance cost varies, and it’s best to find out whether any permits are needed for a formal photo session.  

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Sarafa Bazaar: A Tapestry of Colors and Flavors 

Sarafa Bazaar Indore

Enjoy the bustle of Sarafa Bazaar, which is well-known for its vibrant atmosphere and mouthwatering street cuisine. The lively market offers a vivid and energetic backdrop for a picture that perfectly conveys the essence of day-to-day living. 

Pricing: There is no admission charge, however for a hassle-free experience, it is polite to ask permission from local officials and vendors.  

Pipliyapala Regional Park: Serenity in the Heart of the City

Pipliyapala Regional Park

Discover the peace and quiet of Pipliyapala Regional Park, which has beautiful sculptures, calm lakes, and an abundance of flora. The park provides a serene setting for a picture session with a natural theme. 

Pricing: Standard admission fee; professional picture shoots may incur additional costs. 

Laal Bagh Palace- Tales of Royalty and Sophistication

Laal Bagh Palace Indore

Indore’s Laal Bagh Palace provides a charming backdrop for a picture, fusing the charm of the old world with unspoiled beauty. The palace’s exquisitely detailed, graceful architecture is a beautiful background for taking pictures. Every angle has a royal aura, whether set against the palace’s imposing façade or in the tranquil grounds, making it appropriate for a variety of photographic techniques. For photographers seeking a blend of fascinating aesthetics, historical details, and architectural design, Laal Bagh Palace is an excellent option. It acts as a stunning canvas that conveys tales of sophistication and nobility, adding to the overall uniqueness of the photo session.  

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Janapav Kuti: A Scenic Hillside Retreat

Janapav Kuti Indore

Janapav Kuti, situated on a hill, offers expansive views of the surrounding landscape for those seeking a little adventure in their photo shoot. The natural appeal of this setting gives your photos a distinct taste. 

Cost: Not much to enter; be careful to confirm any applicable licenses and restrictions. 

Jam Gate: A Road That Leads to Something Special

Jam Gate Near by Indore Jam Gate Indore

Jam Gate is a popular choice for shooting locations because of its alluring fusion of urban charm and natural beauty, which appeals to both clients and photographers. Located in the center of the city, Jam Gate has a distinct atmosphere that combines contemporary buildings with lush vegetation to create a varied background for artistic pursuits. Photographers searching for unique and visually striking backgrounds will find a dynamic canvas in the colorful street art, which infuses the surrounds with color and personality. Jam Gate’s thoughtfully designed rooms are adaptable, enabling photographers to capture a variety of subjects and moods.  

Maheshwar- A heaven near the River


Tucked away along the picturesque Narmada Riverbank, Maheshwar presents itself as an alluring backdrop for photographers. The stunning Maheshwar Fort, the town’s crown jewel, provides a regal background that can provide a sense of grandeur to any photo shoot with its timeless architecture and dominating presence. The ghats that line the river create an evocative backdrop that is perfect for capturing the essence of the residents’ daily lives and spirituality, especially in the serene moments of sunrise or sunset.   

Mandu- A Princess home 

Mandu Jal Mahal

Mandu, also called Mandavgad, is a historic jewel in Madhya Pradesh, India, set in picturesque scenery. Mandu, steeped in stories of romance, conquest, and architectural wonder, is a compelling scene for those who enjoy taking pictures. Mandu’s architectural wonders, such as the opulent Jahaz Mahal (Ship Palace), Hindola Mahal, and Roopmati’s Pavilion, offer an enthralling window into the region’s lengthy past. Particularly at sunrise and sunset, the vast panoramas from Mandu’s hilltops, which overlook verdant surroundings and historic ruins, produce beautiful panoramic scenes.    

Ganga Mahadev- Blending Spiritual Serenity with Natural Beauty 

Ganga Mahadev

A waterfall flows in the Ganga Mahadev, which enhances the natural beauty of the place. Ganga Mahadev is located about 15 km from Dhar. To reach here, village Bodhwada can be reached by bus, and from there local means can be used.  

Ujjain- The Lively Spirit


With its extensive historical and cultural legacy, Ujjain presents itself as an alluring backdrop for a photo session that effortlessly combines spirituality and aesthetic appeal. The historic temples of the city, such as the Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga, offer a distinctive setting that is rich in religious significance as well as architectural beauty. Ujjain’s lively streets and bustling markets provide countless opportunities for natural, dynamic pictures that capture the pulse of everyday life against the backdrop of the city’s ancient charm. The calm Shipra Riverbanks offer an ideal backdrop for photographing the natural beauty that accentuates the vibrant cultural life of the city, particularly at dawn or dusk.   

How much does a photoshoot cost in Indore?  

Research Permissions: Before planning your photoshoot, inquire about any required permissions or restrictions at the chosen location. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience. 

Professional Assistance: If you plan to hire a professional photographer, discuss the pricing structure in detail. Consider factors such as the duration of the shoot, number of locations, and additional editing services. 

Weekday vs. Weekend Rates: Some locations may have different rates on weekdays and weekends. Plan your shoot accordingly to optimize your budget. 

Package Deals: Explore if photographers or venues offer package deals that include multiple services. This could potentially save you money compared to booking individual services.  


Outdoor photoshoot places in Indore offer a diverse range of backdrops, from historical landmarks to scenic landscapes. With careful planning and consideration of pricing factors, you can capture your most cherished moments against the enchanting canvas of this vibrant city. Indore awaits, ready to transform your photoshoot dreams into a visual masterpiece! 

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