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Job Posting Techniques That Can Get You More Candidates​

Job Posting Techniques
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There are many job platforms available, each with thousands of job postings, which is beneficial to all candidates looking for new opportunities. But how will you filter them out? How will your job post attract the most attention? How will you find the best candidate?

There are many questions that require brief and concise responses. Let us go through them one by one.

Here are some of the most effective techniques for attracting more candidates:

Company Overview

Talk about your company. It will assist you in developing authenticity and gaining job seekers’ trust in your brand. A corporate summary is particularly significant since it demonstrates the genuine culture of the workplace, allowing job seekers to determine whether or not to apply for the position. 

List Your Compensation

Many organizations do not disclose their remuneration information, leaving candidates wondering whether they offer a competitive salary. Including the salary range allows job seekers to decide whether the job meets their financial demands. While you want to attract more applications so that they have more options, you also want applicants who are likely to accept the position. 

Explain Company Culture

Include links to your greatest company websites, such as your product pages or success stories. Do research what employees say about working at your organization, and represent those principles in your post. 

Short & Organized Job Postings

Keep job listings concise and orderly, with bullet points highlighting the important skill and competencies required for the position. The majority of candidates submit to multiple job listings and do not have the time to read lengthy job descriptions with needless content. Make sure your job postings are short and to the point, so you don’t accidentally “turn off” your applicants. 

Use Simple and Catchy Job Titles

Keep your job names concise and snappy, and use SEO-friendly keywords. With so many positions available online, one big challenge that businesses face is how to create elegant titles that have little or no substance. Simple, efficient (read: SEO-friendly) titles attract more candidates since they are relatable. This is the most basic—and often overlooked—step in creating job advertisements. 

Use Bullet Points

Whenever you can, use bullet points to highlight and summarize the most important things you want potential applicants to know about the position. Here’s why:

  • Bullet points help break down complex concepts and make information easier to remember
  • Using bullet points helps applicants quickly scan your job posting to see if they have the skills you want
  • Candidates can easily see if the job and company offer the opportunities they want

Mention Offer & Signing Bonus

Most organizations are aware with employee referral programs, which motivate employees to generate high-quality applicant leads in exchange for a monetary bonus. Employee referrals will always be a good source of candidates, with a 9 times better conversion rate than job board applicants. 

However, in such a competitive job market, you may want to consider offering a bonus to the applicants themselves. If your goal is to distinguish your job posting from competitors—which it should be — offering a cash signing bonus is an excellent recruiting strategy. This may be a novel technique for you as an employer, but you will need to get creative to attract exceptional candidates.

Mobile Optimization

Candidates primarily use mobile devices to explore and apply for jobs; hence, you need to be sure that your mobile optimization is done properly and gives a smooth user experience. This includes design, loading time, and a hassle-free experience that you want to share with your users/candidates. 

Use Keywords in Job Description

Using keywords while posting jobs is a better way to attract more candidates. Keywords help you reach a specific set of audience members whom you want to target in the industry. 

Optimize for SEO

You need to make sure that your job posting has been properly optimized by using keywords in the title, description, and content. This will improve the visibility of your post and help you attract good candidates.

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Additional Efforts You Can Put In To Boost Your Job Posting

Use Content Marketing

Use your company’s website or blog to increase incoming traffic, which could lead to additional employment applications. Creating material that appeals to potential employees and matches what they might search for could direct them to your career page. 

For example, posting a blog article about a new trend relating to your tech company may direct someone working in the tech field to your website if they search for the topic. Add new content to your blog regularly, including search terms and keywords that prospective employees may use. 

Try Paid Advertising

Paid advertising can put your job postings in front of potential applicants while they are doing other things online. Social media sites provide paid advertising opportunities. Because many people spend a significant amount of time on social media, this can be an effective use of your recruiting budget. 

Cross Channel Link

Cross-channel promotion allows you to post your job on numerous channels, considerably increasing your reach and tapping into varied prospect pools that may not overlap. Using a range of platforms, such as job boards, social media, and industry-specific sites, you may enhance visibility and interaction while attracting individuals with diverse talents and backgrounds. This method also employs several algorithms and audiences, ensuring that your job posting is noticed by both active and passive job seekers. 

Share On Social Media Platforms

Sharing your job posting on social media networks can significantly increase its reach and visibility. You can target specific demographics and sectors via networks such as Diffr, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Diffr is very useful for professional networking and finding people with suitable experience. Facebook’s groups and job posting capabilities enable you to connect with local communities and niche interest groups. Twitter’s fast-paced climate and hashtags can help your job posting become viral and reach a larger audience. Instagram’s visual format helps attract younger, more creative people by highlighting your company’s culture and ideals. 


The best candidates are in such great demand that you must be more strategic if you want to recruit them for your company. When there is a significant demand for top-tier talent, you must go out and discover the prospects your firm requires to flourish. These candidate sourcing tactics will help you fill your pipeline with qualified candidates, allowing you to select the best fit for your team. With the help of Diffr, you can streamline this hiring process and find the best and top candidates for your company. Along with this, you can also benefit from Diffr USPs like 100% verified profiles, 24/7 customer support, posting multiple jobs, and much more. 

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