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How To Choose A Job Portal? Features Every Companies Should Know

How To Choose A Job Portal
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Nowadays, many companies spend a lot of resources on a variety of methods to find the best candidates in the competitive job market. Job portals have become an invaluable resource in the HR toolbox not just for large organizations but also for small and medium-sized enterprises which come with a scope of countless advantages. 

They thus provide millions of candidates, make the hiring procedure more efficient, and at the same time, are cost-effective for recruitment. From increasing job visibility brands to creating strategic employee targeting, job portals have come up with a new era of hiring.

Hire An Employee In 6 Easy Steps

Today with many companies having to compete in the same job market with limited resources, unique solutions are a must. Here is where the DIFFR portal enters the game and changes the concepts of job search and hiring.

Features of a Good Hiring Portal

To make a great hiring portal put the picks in it which should help employers and prospective employees to achieve their goals. Here are some essential features: Here are some essential features:

  1. User-friendly interface
  2. Strong job search functionality: 
  3. Comprehensive job postings
  4. Candidate management tools
  5. Resume database
  6. Analytics and Reporting
  7. Security and privacy

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User-friendly interface

A simple interface that is easy to use for both employees and job seekers. A good hiring portal should have easy job search and post functions, where employers would provide simple instructions about how to post and employees about how to apply and design responsive for mobile and desktop.

Advanced Search Criteria

Job hunters need to be able to use multiple criteria while job searching including the location, industry, job title, and words. The platform has to offer up-to-date job applicants an advanced search function where they can narrow their search and get the most suitable results.

Comprehensive job postings

Employers should be able to create job posts in detail that incorporate information like job position, qualifications needed, tasks, remunerations, and advantages. To succeed in this regard, the portal should encompass multimedia aspects such as images and videos; therefore, a high-quality faculty is likely to be drawn.

Candidate management tools

Therefore, employers must be provided with tools for candidates. managing. These tools should enable HR managers to access the resumes of job applicants, track application status, and communicate with and schedule appointments with candidates. The portal should include filtering and sorting setting tools for candidates’ consideration with a set of criteria.

Resume database

Further, the portal database should include resumes of the job seekers. This will facilitate employers to look up candidate profiles even when applicants fail to apply to a particular job post. Employers can now achieve this by easily figuring out which applicants might be in a good position to get such a job by being proactive.

Analytics and Reporting

This site should give employers a link to the dashboard that will enable them to keep an eye on the metrics of the job postings, monitor applicant statistics, and analyze the trends of recruitment activities. Through this data, employers will be in a position to make informed decisions and to produce the best recruitment.

Security and privacy

The structure should emphasize the security and privacy protection of both employers’ and job seeker’s data making sure that the data includes some security measures like encrypting data, and storage security.


By offering the modern way of search and employment to DIFFR, hiring has become a completely new era. Whether you’re a company in search of your dream team or a job seeker looking to take the next step in your career; DIFFR is just the platform for you.

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