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How To Be A Catalog Model In India? Posing, Styling, And Creating Stunning Images

Catalog modeling has evolved with the times, and in today’s digital age, it’s more influential than ever. It dominates both the print and digital realms, making it an exciting and lucrative field in the fashion industry. This blog will guide you through the key aspects of catalog modeling, breaking them down into simple terms for your understanding and appreciation. 

Modelling Career in India

What Brands Are Looking For  

Catalog models are often considered commercial models, and they differ from high fashion models in that they need to look more relatable to the everyday person. While they should have some basic physical attributes like glowing skin, healthy hair, and a warm smile, their look should align with the brand’s target audience. This means that catalogs may seek models of various heights, ages, body types, ethnicities, and even individuals with disabilities. The key is to find the right catalog that suits your look, rather than trying to change your appearance to fit a specific catalog. Another avenue to explore is parts modeling if you possess exceptional body features like hands, legs, or feet. 

Jump Starting a Career  

The beauty of the modern modeling industry is that you’re not confined to a single style of modeling. Many catalog models also venture into runway or editorial modeling, and vice versa. Catalog modeling has served as a stepping stone for numerous successful careers. For example, supermodel Lisa Haydon and male model Milind Soman both began their careers in catalog modeling before achieving superstardom. The interplay between these modeling divisions adds a “cool factor” to catalogs, making them more appealing to a wider audience. 

Crucial Tips To Remember Before Entering Into Catalog Modeling

Posing – The Foundation of Catalog Modeling

Posing is the cornerstone of catalog modeling, essential for conveying the right emotions and presenting clothing in the best possible light. Here are some key posing tips: 

  • Confidence is Key: Exude confidence by maintaining good posture, standing tall, and keeping your shoulders back. Confidence not only enhances your appearance but also highlights the essence of clothing. 
  • Showcasing the Outfit: The primary goal is to showcase the product. Ensure the clothing remains the focal point of the image, emphasizing unique features such as lace details or elegant necklines. 
  • Movement Matters: While many catalog shots are static, adding subtle movements can infuse dynamism into the images. This could be a slight turn of the body or a flowing motion with the fabric. 
  • Embrace the Natural: A genuine smile or a natural expression makes the model appear approachable and relatable. Authenticity is vital in catalog modeling, helping potential buyers envision themselves wearing the clothes. 

Styling – Elevating the Look

Styling is equally vital in catalog modeling. It aims to make the outfit stand out and captivate the viewer. Here are some straightforward styling tips: 

  • Accessorize Wisely: While accessories can enhance an outfit, avoid overwhelming it. Sometimes, less is more in catalog modeling. A simple pair of earrings or a belt can make a significant difference. 
  • Coordinate Colors: Ensure that clothing and accessories’ colors harmonize well, creating a visually pleasing image. 
  • Pay Attention to Details: Small things matter. Tuck in loose threads, eliminate wrinkles, and ensure the clothing fits perfectly. A well-put-together outfit is more likely to sell. 
  • Experiment with Hairstyles and Makeup: The right hairstyle and makeup can complete the look. Depending on the brand’s style, opt for a natural or more dramatic look, always enhancing the overall appearance. 

Creating Stunning Images – The Art of Photography  

Catalog modeling wouldn’t be complete without talented photographers. They play a pivotal role in creating captivating catalog images: 

  • Lighting: Properly lit images bring out clothing details and colors. Photographers can use natural light or studio lighting, depending on the desired effect. 
  • Composition: Skillful photographers frame shots and create visually appealing compositions. The model’s positioning, angles, and background all play a role in this. 
  • Post-Processing: To further improve the photos, post-processing is frequently required after the photo shoot. To make the pictures seem their best, this involves color correction, retouching, and other changes.  
  • Consistency: To guarantee that every shot fits into the catalog perfectly, careful planning and execution are needed. Catalogs retain a consistent look and feel throughout their images.  

How much do Catalog models get paid? 

The income of a catalog model varies depending on factors such as experience, the catalog in question, and the agency representing them (which typically deducts fees, usually around 10%-20%). On average, catalog models can expect to earn up to Thousands per day for smaller-scale catalog shoots to Lakhs per hour for more prestigious catalogs. Established catalog models can make a comfortable living from their work, but it’s important to remember that models are self-employed in India, requiring them to set aside a portion of their earnings for taxes. 

Inspiring Catalog Modeling Careers to Follow

India is home to a number of prosperous catalog models. In the Indian context, consider these few motivating occupations in catalog modeling:

  • Lisa Haydon: A well-known figure in the Indian and global fashion sectors, Lisa Haydon is an Australian-Indian model and actress. She has starred in multiple ads and catalogs for Indian and international companies such as Lakmé, Puma, and Sher Singh.
  • Diana Penty: Maybelline and Westside are just two of the Indian companies that Diana Penty has modeled and acted for. Her sophisticated and adaptable catalog modeling is well-known.

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  • Milind Soman: A seasoned male Indian model, Milind Soman has a lengthy and prosperous career as a catalog model. His tough and athletic appearance has been highlighted in multiple fashion campaigns and catalogs.
  • Waluscha De Sousa: Waluscha De Sousa is an Indian model and actress who has been featured in catalogs for companies like Gauri & Nainika and YS18. She is a well-known personality in Indian fashion thanks to her remarkable beauty and grace.
  • Karthik Srinivasan: Male model Karthik Srinivasan is well-known for his collaborations with Indian apparel labels. He has secured positions in several catalogues thanks to his height and attractive features, especially in the fashion business.
  • Bhumika Arora: Indian female model Bhumika Arora has gained recognition in both domestic and foreign catalogs. She has exhibited her distinctive androgynous appearance by working with companies like Alexander Wang and H&M.

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How do I become a catalog model?

Assessing your distinct appearance and assembling a solid modeling portfolio with excellent images that highlight your adaptability are the first steps towards becoming a catalog model. To stay in shape, get professional guidance from modeling agencies or coaches, think about enrolling in modeling schools, and lead a healthy lifestyle. In order to network with possible clients and agencies, have a strong online presence on social media, go to industry events, and open casting calls. To obtain experience, send your portfolio to modeling companies that focus on catalog modeling and work with nearby photographers. As you seek a modeling career, keep up with current fashion trends and constantly project a trustworthy and professional image.  

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